Dramatic Mommy Makeover Transformations

Motherhood is nothing short of an incredible, if challenging, experience. From the first time you hold your sweet newborn until you send him off to tackle the real world, your main job is to protect your child and give him the best life possible. Unfortunately, for many mothers, such dedication to their children unintentionally results in neglect of their own needs. One of the biggest concerns for mothers is their body image, especially after childbirth, breastfeeding, and years of catering to others has taken a toll on their youth and vitality.

There are some body issues, like sagging breasts and loose skin, that cannot be fixed through diet and exercise. Even weight can be resistant to the best fitness efforts. This is why plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay now offer the Mommy Makeover, a highly personalized combination of procedures that helps a woman achieve her perfect body image once again.

mommy makeover

A Mommy Makeover always combines at least two regular cosmetic procedures that work in tandem to enhance appearance and alleviate problem areas. For example, many women use breast implants and liposuction, while others opt for labiaplasty and breast lifts. Tummy tucks, fat transfers, and lower body lifts are also popular options.

If you’re doubting whether a Mommy Makeover can truly help you overcome the impact that breastfeeding, childbirth, and other motherhood responsibilities have had on your body, just consider the story of this 29-year-old woman.

Lauren tried a Tampa Mommy Makeover at the age of 29 after four pregnancies placed very close together. As you can imagine, giving birth to and breastfeeding four children took quite a toll on her body. Her full C-cup chest diminished to barely an A, and simply hung without any shape or sensuality at all. Her stomach struggled to regain its elasticity, and overall she felt unattractive. She went in to receive a breast augmentation and lift, which brought Lauren back to her normal breast size and reinstilled her self worth. She was so pleased with her results that she returned for a tummy tuck shortly after.

Just like Lauren, the Mommy Makeover can help you reclaim your appearance once again. Being a mom can be, and should be, sexy!

Health benefits of Blood Donation

blood-bank-450When a person donates blood, then it is known as the greatest contribution done to the human life. You actually save a life of a human being. There are many patients who are in need of blood like an anemic person may need blood, a person who met with an accident, a pregnant woman who is giving birth to a baby. There is no harm in donating blood and the blood is again regenerated with a few days after donating. There are many health benefits when you donate blood. Some of important health benefits are discussed as under.

The Happiness of Saving a Human Being

When you donate blood, then you know that it will be good for the person who will be in need in future, who is suffering and fighting for his life. This feeling gives a great happiness and peace that you are contributing positively to save a life of a human being. Blood donation is divided into many components and this is done, according to the requirement of the various patients. So, whenever you are donating blood, then you are helping three to four people’s lives.

Minimizes the Risk of Heart Disease

Blood donation reduces the risk of many heart diseases. This is mainly seen in the men, especially because it helps in checking the levels of the iron in the body. Every human being needs iron in the body, but as it is said that excess of everything is bad, just like that when iron is build up in excess quantity in the body then it causes the heart problems like heart attack, strokes, ageing. So, while donating blood, you are not only saving another person’s life, in fact you are saving your life also.

Volunteer message and red pencilFree Health Check-Up

If you are planning to donate blood then you will be given an added advantage of full body check-up, because it is essential for you to be fit and fine before donating blood. There are a number of health checkups, which will be done before you donate blood. All the checkups are done in free of cost, which means that you will not be charged money for any kind of checkups. And when you donate blood frequently, you will go through checkups again and again, which helps you to stay fit and healthy.

Reduces Weight

If you are trying hard to lose weight and nothing is helping then you can go about donating blood. You must be happy to know that when you donate blood, then you burn 650 calories from your body. It should be noted that blood donation is done in two to three months. Make sure you are healthy and fit. Donating blood is also dependent on your iron levels and hemoglobin levels in the body.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

When you have high levels of iron in the body, then it is seen that there is a risk of cancer. But when you donate blood, then this risk is reduced. There are many researches which are going on in this topic.

Can Blood Tests Diagnose Concussions?

Concussions have become so prevalent in the news that not a day passes without a sports article or health editorial echoing the growing concerns about the impacts of traumatic brain injuries. Sports like football, rugby, and wrestling have taken heavy criticism for placing players in unnecessary dangers, leading a number of coaches to change practice techniques and search for more protective headgear.

Traumatic brain injuries occur when the brain is forcefully jostled in the skull due to a hard impact, like a fall or collision. Some TBIs are mild and only take a few day’s recovery, while others can completely alter someone’s life and necessitate years of rehabilitation efforts to return to a normal life.

Preliminary good news is on its way. According to a study published in JAMA Neurology, it’s possible that a standard blood test could soon be used to diagnose concussions.

Current Concussion Diagnosis Techniques

Today, concussions are diagnosed using a blend of a physical examination and potentially an MRI or CT scan to check the brain for signs of injuries to prevent Florida neuro rehab cases.

More About the Concussion Blood Test
In the study exploring the potential of a blood test to identify concussions, Dr. Linda Papa collected blood from nearly 600 adults who were treated for mild head injuries from car crashes, sports, and other impact accidents.Blood was collected and tested over a seven day period after hospitalization, and Dr. Papa discovered that patients with concussions contained higher levels of certain proteins in their blood. This was studied at Florida brain injury rehab centers and across the United States.

Experts believe that this protein in the blood can serve as a biomarker to finally diagnose concussions in a concrete and data-driven manner. The implications of such an easy test could improve and save countless lives, especially in active military zones and sports.