Returning to the Gym After a Hiatus: Where Do You Begin?

If you find yourself returning to the gym after an extended break perhaps after having a baby, moving to a new place, or overcoming an illness you may wonder how to begin rebuilding your endurance and strength. This can feel like an overwhelming and intimidating task, but it’s certainly possible!

Start Small

You may have been able to lift 70 pounds or run four miles before you took a break from the gym tampa, but don’t place unnecessary pressure and stress on yourself by expecting to pick up where you left off. The best way to regain your previous level of fitness is actually to start with small and easily achievable goals. Select a simple task and commit to it for a short period of time, like five or ten minutes. As your body readjusts to your workout habits, you can continually increase your threshold until you’re back in your prime.

Stick to a Schedule

We all live busy lives, and one of the most challenging parts of starting a workout routine is keeping it consistently in your schedule. Do your best to establish a gym routine and stick to it. Whether you’re at your best early in the morning or before dinner, adhering to a schedule will help the gym become a non-negotiable component of your day once again. The more you’re there, the quicker you’ll reach your goals! We recommend a personal trainer tampa who can keep you on your schedule and make you wake up on time everyday.

Try a One-Month Challenge

Remember that your gym also offers classes, challenges, trainers, and other professional resources to help you get back in shape. You don’t need to do it on your own! Try a one-month challenge at your gym so you can benefit from coaching, encouragement, peer support, and excitement as you sculpt your bikini body.   

A blend of organization and determination will make it surprisingly easy to re-establish your workout routine and make the gym a daily part of your life once again.