Could Veneers Be The Solution To Your Smile Imperfections?

If you find yourself hiding your smile or avoiding social situations where your teeth might be seen by too many people, there are many options that you can utilize to improve the appearance of your teeth and restore your willingness to smile without hesitation.

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Veneers, for instance, are a common form of a cosmetic dentist that correct imperfections in your smile using a very thin layer of composite or porcelain material that is permanently adhered to each tooth’s surface. Veneers could be the perfect solution to your smile woes, so it’s important to understand everything they have to offer.

Could You Benefit From Veneers?

If you have cosmetic flaws on your teeth that prevent you from smiling with confidence, you can definitely benefit from veneers. They will give you the gift of a full, beautiful smile without any of the pain or complexity involved in other procedures. The most common issues resolved by dental veneers include broken and chipped teeth, severely discolored teeth, uneven and misshapen teeth, gaps between the teeth, and teeth that have been worn down over time.

How Are Veneers Applied?

Veneers are simply very thin, customized shells composed of either porcelain or a tooth-colored composite material says Dr. K. During the veneer application process, the teeth are gently buffed by about half a millimeter to make room for the slight added thickness of the veneers on the surface of the teeth. Composite veneers are applied by bonding and sculpting the material to the teeth, while porcelain veneers take a few more days to mold to the teeth and fabricate the full veneers.

What Results Should You Expect?

Veneers may not be your real teeth, but they look and feel just like it! Since they are bonded to your existing teeth, you will still be able to chew and talk comfortably. Your St. petersburg dentist and dental hygiene process will remain the same, but all of the imperfections that you didn’t like about your original teeth will be impossible to detect.