Juvederm Volbella For All Your Lip Enhancement Needs

For all of our differences, most people across the world agree that plump, luscious lips are nothing short of kissable. But what happens if your lips don’t naturally boast the volume you want? Thanks to injectables like Juvederm, the answer is now easier than ever. Juvederm, the same company that makes Botox, launched a brand new filler formulated specifically for the lips last year. Juvederm Volbella has become extremely popular in the short six months since its FDA approval, and once you try it, you’ll understand exactly why.

The Best Lift Yet

Juvederm is one of a few dermal fillers that is made with hyaluronic acid, which is a critical component of a skin’s health due to its role in volume and hydration. While other Juvederm products can be injected into skin of the face itself to replace volume lost through age, Clearwater Juvederm Voluma is meant to specifically fill the lips. It does so using a “patented Vycross technology” that crosslinks the hyaluronic acid to generate a tighter and longer lasting formula.

Soften Lip Lines

Vertical lines above the lip are common, especially among smokers, and they tend to make the skin look older and duller than it should. In addition to boosting the lips, Juvederm Volbella can also smooth away vertical lip lines. The soft, smooth gel allows for gentle and precise injections exactly where the hyaluronic acid is needed most.

Other Benefits

Diana Phillips is a cosmetic nurse who tested Juvederm Clearwater Volbella before it officially launched, and she pointed out a special feature of Volbella that most people wouldn’t expect. “Volbella adds a nice silky sheen finish to the lips, which is a feature that I haven’t seen before in the other five fillers I’ve used so far.” The majority of patients who utilize Volbella report that their lips look naturally full and incredibly sexy.